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crowdsourced education


Contribute as teacher

Become your own publisher. All the mechanics and monetization is handled by us, so you can earn while children learn!

Contribute as developer

Monetize your learning apps on our platform. Consume from tens of thousands of standardized tasks while hooking into the extensive reward and engagement API.

Valuable insight

As a parent, you have the ability to access and compare your children's skills with their peers worldwide to see how well they are solving the same tasks and assignments.

Enticing rewards

Follow your children's progress with different skills and encourage them by adding customized rewards (personally selected by you) available to them in the shop. We made it easy for you by loading a ton of fun rewards that are given automatically.

The education engine

E8 is the cleverly engineered driving force behind our vision "leave no one behind in education". It is fueled by teachers worldwide and intelligently selects tasks that best fit your child's needs.

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Highly engaging

Access to millions of tasks, assignments and challenges in a never before seen engaging and fun way, selected automatically and intelligently to match the individual student’s learning curve to ensure that no one will be left behind.